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The Developer Portal has tutorials, documentation, solutions, articles, metrics and a forum. All the essential resources you need to develop your project’s MVP at the Algorand Miami Accelerator and for the  public in general.

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If you're still wondering why you should incorporate Algorand to your projects, look into these successful case studies from companies in Stablecoins, Governmental, Environmental, Digital Resources and DeFi. All part of the Algorand ecosystem.



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Algorand provides a suite of new technologies, created as part of the core Algorand blockchain protocol, that enables all types of developers to build more efficient, secure, and trustless applications and invent brand new real-world applications. 


Case studies

Algorand Experiences

Francesco Boni from ArtSquare

Francesco is the CEO of ArtSquare, a London-based company that addresses the main entry barriers of the art market: usability and accessibility.

ArtSquare had an MVP based on blockchain, but the technology was too costly and hard to scale. Therefore, the team decided to change to Algorand, and take advantage of the Algorand Europe Accelerator.

Algorand Experiences

Benedetto Biondi from Folks Finance

Today, Benedetto Biondi from Folks Finance, the leading capital market protocol for deposits and loans built on the Algorand blockchain, shares his experience with us.

Benedetto joined the Algorand Accelerator Europe 2020 to formalize and empower his business. He defined his experience in the program as a beautiful journey and an upgrade in his professional career.

Algorand Experiences

Ross Murray Jones from Kontinuous

Are you looking to accelerate your business? We invite you to listen to Ross Murray Jones from Kontinuous, a digital fundraising company, share his experience. 

Ross has participated in the Algorand Europe Accelerator 2020 and, thanks to the program, he was able to secure the support and needed resources for the development and growth of his company. 

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