Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022

Our objective is to create impact by accelerating startups from the American continent. Our programs are designed for eager teams to create innovative solutions on the Algorand blockchain.

The application for the 2022 program has closed.
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About the program

In 2021, we launched the 1st bilingual program for the American continent, hosted in Miami. We focused on attracting talent and supporting startups working with blockchain and cryptocurrency on Algorand.

Due to its success, we are now launching a new program with the support of a broad community of mentors and investors, adding brand new content. During this 10-week program, selected startups will receive mentorships with high-profile experts, training workshops and pitching sessions to boost their performance in investment rounds.


AMA '22 benefits

Each startup will have access to an exclusive training program, personalized mentorship sessions, and the opportunity to present their projects to top investment funds on Demo Day at the end of the program.


Registration deadline: June 12th, 2022

  • Review of applications from startups from all over the world, in Spanish and in English
  • Main fields of interest: NFT, Gaming, DeFi and Social Impact


1) Application Phase: You must fill in the form we provide in a complete and fully accurate manner. Please, be honest with your answers, as our team will cross-check the data.
*Be advised that our staff might reach out to you to request additional information.

2) Contact Phase: 

  • If your project passes the first round, we will schedule a meeting to get to know you. Our staff will want to ask questions and learn more about your startup and you personally as a potential participant.
  • If your project passes the second round, you will receive an invite for a second live interview.

3) Selection Phase: Lastly, we will send official written invitations to the 10 selected startups and request their confirmation to participate in the AMA ’22 Program.

What is Algorand

Selection of startups: during the month of June
Program launch: July 5th

  • Welcome to selected startups
  • Introduction to Algorand
  • Mentors matchmaking
  • Access to the learning platform, containing all available on-demand content
  • Presentation of additional benefits and instructions
Algorand Meeting
  • 10 weeks of training:
    • Weekly group mentorships
    • Office hours with instructors and experts
    • Private meetings with assigned mentors
    • Pitch training sessions
    • Mastermind: networking among teams
    • Case study sessions with companies from the Algorand ecosystem and startups from past Algorand Accelerators
  • 3 weeks of break: Some time off to process the new concepts learnt and to apply them to projects.
  • Advisory with mentors on Tech, Product, Metrics, Business Planning, Marketing, Sales and Commercial Development, Fundraising and Demo Day Preparation. Plus, mentorship and networking events, and mock pitch sessions.

October 27th

After receiving mentorships and training sessions to prepare, startups will pitch to investors, aiming to raise capital for their projects.

  • Online modality via Stonks
  • Presenting to dozens of blockchain investors around the world
  • Connecting with investors in real-time

Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021

Have a look at our previous Demo Day:

AMA at eMerge
  • Virtual meetups and Masterminds with peers and other alumni
  • Advise and intros to potential partners and investors
  • Participation in virtual and in-person events of the Algorand community
  • Participation in other Algorand Miami Accelerator programs as mentors or subject matter experts



We will introduce you to companies and professionals that can support your startup with substantial investments.



Our network of world-class experts will help you to take your project to the next level.



You will have access to our network of blockchain professionals, marketing agencies, specialized lawyers, and more.



Do I need to have a product developed on Algorand to apply to the AMA ’22?

The accelerator program is open to any company that either has a product on the Algorand blockchain or is willing to use Algorand for its upcoming development. If you do not currently have a product on Algorand, you must commit to developing an MVP for Demo Day. During our selection process, we will evaluate whether you and your team have the required knowledge and resources to achieve that.

What level of "maturity" or development stage is required for startups to participate?

We will consider projects in the idea stage, early stage, seed or Series A stage. 

  • For teams in the idea stage: the accelerator program will teach you how to validate your idea and help you develop your first MVP on the Algorand platform for Demo Day.
  • For teams that have an off-chain product, that is, that are not currently using blockchain but plan to implement it: this program will help you make the jump from web 2.0 to web 3.0.
  • For teams already using blockchain for their product, though not on the Algorand platform: this accelerator will help you transition to Algorand and open the doors to its entire ecosystem.

What industries are considered for the accelerator program?

All industries will be considered for selection, as long as there is a clear business case for building the project on the Algorand blockchain. However, our main fields of interest are: NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Gaming, DeFi (Decentralized Finances) and Social Impact.

What are the terms of the initial funding?

Each selected company will receive $17,500 USD in cash from the Algorand Foundation and $17,500 USD in cash from Borderless Capital. The investment will be formalized through a SAFE or SAFT. This contribution will be in exchange for 3% or less of tokens and/or equity – exact terms will be negotiated upon invitation to join the accelerator.

Additionally as a courtesy of Rokk3r and its partners, a package of services and discounts valued at approximately $15,000 USD.

How many projects will be selected to participate in AMA ’22?

Our objective is to support and empower 10 projects in the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022.

What will the 10-week accelerator program's modality be this year?

The 10-week accelerator program is divided into:

  • Online Asynchronous: On-demand, high-quality learning content about technology (Algorand), experimentation and validation, legal terms, marketing strategy, tokenomics and fundraising.
  • Online Synchronous: Live sessions with instructors, mentors and companies, to discuss any questions or doubts, Mastermind sessions between the companies of the cohort, and private meetings with assigned mentors. 

By grouping all the learning content on an on-demand platform, we ensure that each startup has access to materials whenever they need them. The main advantage is that startups won’t have to wait for classes on specific topics if they need them beforehand or, the contrary, they won’t have to rush forward to subjects that are not relevant for their project yet.

Is the program open to projects from outside LATAM and Miami?

However, we consider Miami as a bridge between the Americas and Europpe, and we welcome projects from all over the world.

What is the selection process like?

Inscriptions are open until the June 12th, 2022. We may extend this period by a few weeks, depending on the received applications by the date. Shortlisted projects will be contacted for an interview. After a second round of evaluation, selected teams will be invited for a second interview. Finally, we will notify each team about the final results via email.

Is knowing English a requirement?

Even though our program is bilingual, you may apply in Spanish or English. You will have access to mentors who speak both languages, however, please, take into consideration that:

  • The second interview in the selection process will be in English.
  • All asynchronous classes and live sessions will be held in English, except for the Algorand technology office hours that are offered in both languages.
  • Your Demo Day pitch must be presented in English. Because some of the investors invited to Demo Day do not speak Spanish, pitching in English will open more opportunities for your startup.

Are there companies currently using Algorand?

Yes, there are hundreds of companies that have been built using Algorand in sectors such as: Infrastructure, Stock Market, Supply Chains, Identity, Stablecoins, Government/Public Sector, Insurance, Environmental, Videogames, DeFi, Financial Institutions, Digital Assets, etc.

To learn more about our successful case studies, click here.

Does Algorand offer technical support and documentation to programmers?

Yes. The Algorand Developer Portal provides documentation, tutorials, articles, a forum and metrics. All these resources are crucial for the development of the minimum viable product (MVP) that each team will have to present on the Demo Day.

Access all the materials on this link.

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