Venture partners

Meet some of the investors in our network.

A modern financial institution that invests capital and builds financial products to accelerate access, bootstrap adoption and create value globally through Algorand Borderless Economy.

A non-profit organization devoted to advancing an inclusive and borderless economy built on Algorand’s public, decentralized blockchain technology. The Foundation is committed to facilitating this innovation in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Total investment of $35,000 USD in cash for 3% or less of equity, token, or both. The investment will be formalized through a SAFE or SAFT (depending on the project) upon invitation to join the accelerator.

Join us as an investor

Our community is formed by a broad range of vetted fast-growing startups that have been creating and/or scaling their business with the support and advise of our mentors and instructors. Being part of the AMA investors network means being able to tap into some of the best teams of the Algorand ecosystem and be part of their exponential growth.

Top quality

Get access to our portfolio of projects carefully selected and supported by our team of experts. Some of the most promising startups in the Algorand ecosystem.

Priority access

Observe of the evolution of cohort companies, or even be part of it as they go through our program. Run your due diligence even before listening to the pitch.

Risk mitigation

Vetted companies + training and support + on-going due diligence = the best way to limit the risk of investing in early stage companies.

Interested in joining our network of investors?

Algorand Miami Accelerator

Empowering entrepreneurial innovation on the Algorand blockchain.