What is Algorand?

Algorand is the world’s most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain infrastructure. From decentralized finance to generative NFT art (and everything in between), its sustainable blockchain is powering the economic models of the future.

Build the future on Algorand

Developer portal

The Developer Portal has tutorials, documentation, solutions, articles, metrics and a forum. All the essential resources you need to develop your project’s MVP at the Algorand Miami Accelerator.

Algorand Case Studies

Use cases

If you’re still wondering why you should incorporate Algorand to your projects, look into these successful case studies from companies in Stablecoins, Governmental, Environmental, Digital Resources and DeFi. All part of the Algorand ecosystem.

Build Apps

Build Apps

Algorand provides a suite of new technologies, created as part of the core Algorand blockchain protocol, that enables all types of developers to build more efficient, secure, and trustless applications and invent brand new real-world applications.


Demo Day 2021

Meet the 10 outstanding teams that completed the first program of the Algorand Miami Accelerator. They turned their dreams into reality and developed high-technological solutions that are now ready to go to market.

Check out the recordings of Demo Day and watch how Neomoon, Vendible, Wayru, Voting Portals, GARD, Alchemon Inc, Maricoin, Dartroom, Football Eterno and Crypto Stars presented their pitch to investors and the whole Algorand ecosystem.


Conversation with @elgordocircuito [in Spanish]

We had a great conversation with Fedor Saldivia of @elgordocircuito and the Founder of Neomoon, one of our alumni companies.

These were the key points we discussed:

  • 04:40: How do I know if it is the right time to add Blockchain to my startup?
  • 16:30: What is an accelerator and how can it help my startup?
  • 24:00: How is the experience of being part of an accelerator?

Check out the full conversation here 👇

Algorand LATAM [in Spanish]

We had a chance to chat with the @AlgorandLatam team about the 2022 program – check out the recording here:

  • 03:44: What is Algorand Miami Accelerator?
  • 05:39: What does it take to be part of the selected teams?
  • 08:03: How do I apply for the accelerator?
  • 15:49: What is the deadline to apply?
  • 19:30: How does the program work? What is the stage of the companies that can apply?
  • 32:23: How does the accelerator help to reduce risks?
  • 36:51: Is the program entirely online?

The Adam Bergman Show

Stream with The Adam Bergman Show and Lorenzo De Leo, Managing Director at Algorand Miami Accelerator.

Algorand Miami Accelerator

Empoderando emprendimientos innovadores sobre la blockchain de Algorand.