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DAO Helper


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) currently face numerous operational challenges: onboarding new members, managing talent and capital, community engagement, determining members’ credibility, etc. These challenges are compounded by DAOs’ reliance on various disparate Web2 and Web3 services including Twitter, Discord, Snapshot, webpages, etc. The lack of a centralized platform makes it difficult not only for DAOs to efficiently manage their operations but also for DAO contributors to track their community’s activity in a meaningful manner.


The overarching vision of DAO Helper is to help decentralized communities prosper by enabling borderless cooperation of talent and capital.

Solution for DAOs

DAO Helper aims to provide a central, comprehensive, and chain-agnostic platform for DAOs to seamlessly manage their operations by onboarding new members, engaging their communities, hiring new talent by posting jobs and bounties, and token gated task management.

Solution for DAO Contributors

For DAO contributors, DAO Helper provides a central platform on which they can join multiple DAOs, earn rewards for their contributions, and build an on-chain resume that keeps a record of their contributions across multiple DAOs. The on-chain credentials will be stored in soulbound tokens which will be associated with a Non Fungible Profile (NFP), basically a unique, dynamic, and non-transferable token.


The founding members behind this project are Kashif Ali (CEO) and Samiullah Malik (CTO). Kashif is a 2x founder and previously worked for Adobe. Samiullah Malik ( holds a graduate degree in Aerospace engineering and is currently working for a High Frequency Trading firm as a software engineer.


There are 300+ people on the waiting list for NFP and 105 DAO signed up to use the DAO Helper platform.

DAO Helper

Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)