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Meet one of our selected startups in the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021: Voting Portals


Today, we want to introduce another company participating in the “Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021”. On this occasion, we present “Voting Portals”, a platform for regulated organizations and governments, which allows electronic voting with high parameters of security and transparency.

The problems solved by Voting Portals

Voting Portals aims to solve the adoption problem of organizations and governments in allowing online voting, while improving security and participation, and reducing costs and dysfunction in today’s physical voting process.

Its main strength lies in making online voting possible in an advanced, reliable and secure way, thanks to its proprietary software, which has been used successfully by some of the largest and most prestigious associations in the United States, with more than 200,000 votes online from more than 50 countries. Voting Portals is the leading software that associations can count on to deliver accurate election results at any time.

The founding members, and team behind this project are: Ben Solomon (CEO), Manny Barrinat (CTO), Ozzie Barrinat (CIO/CCO), Don Gonzales (CMO), Liber Canales (Lead Designer), Garima Trivedi (Customer Support India Manager), Alex Lopez (Accounts Manager), Vivex Prabhu (Lead Developer).

A brief summary about Voting Portals

This innovative company provides an electronic voting software with a focus on compliance and security for all types of regulated organizations and governments. Organizations are able to sign up for our service online and within minutes their portal is created.

The software was personally designed by its CEO and well-known attorney, Ben Solomon, who has carried out hundreds of condominium / HOA elections, to ensure that their association is legally compliant with the regulations at all times. The platform features the highest level of security, including bank-grade data protection, encryption, and support for blockchain technology.

Voting Portals offers an easy-to-use platform for organizations. In addition, their team of experts provides outstanding support, including but not limited to setup, ballot creation, and holding elections. As a pioneer in the field, Voting Portals will continue to innovate and improve its software to provide the most secure and reliable online voting solutions.

Currently, Voting Portals is integrating the Algorand blockchain in order to carry out voting counts and provide maximum data integrity. The characteristics of Algorand guarantee security, decentralization and scalability for this type of initiatives, and also provide high speed and low operating costs.

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