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Aegir Tactics

What are CCGs?

Collectible Card Games, or CCGs, are strategy games where players collect cards and build decks to compete against one another. Since becoming a mostly digital, multi-billion dollar industry, CCGs such as Magic:The Gathering and Hearthstone have become thriving ecosystems with opportunities for professional players, content creators, and hobbyists alike. Some players analyze the game tirelessly with hopes of winning prize pools from major tournaments while others focus on their collection, with some of the rarest physical cards worth over $500,000.

What’s wrong with digital collectibles?

Digital CCGs face a major problem due to Web 2 technology. Digital cards do not carry ownership and cannot be traded or sold. This prevents them from becoming valuable collectibles like their physical counterparts. Without collectibles, companies aggressively monetize game access instead, much to the frustration of players. Despite record profits, these games have become more expensive to play and less rewarding, leading many players to seek new alternatives.

Aegir Tactics is a next-gen CCG

Designed by top players and coaches, Aegir Tactics aims to be the next generation of CCG. Game assets backed on the Algorand blockchain carry full ownership and are as collectible as physical cards. Game-Fi tokenomics ensure that reward payments are quick and transparent. We believe that innovations made possible by blockchain can provide a wide range of players with substantial quality of life improvements and are key to disrupting this industry.


Victor Shelstad – CEO, Game Design
James Walker – CTO, Backend Engineer
James McGee – Frontend Engineer
Clarke Nobiletti – Advisor
Krass Kollektiv – Art Studio

Aegir Tactics

Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)