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It is time to explore another company participating in the “Algorand Miami Accelerator 2022” program. Meet Alammex, a DEX aggregator for Algorand standard asset (ASA) swaps.

The problem solved by Alammex

Alammex creates solutions for defragmenting liquidity across the Algorand ecosystem, which is becoming a major problem for trading ASAs. There are many options available for providing liquidity for ASA trades. There are 4 major automatic market maker exchanges (Tinyman, Pact, Algofi, and Humble), and one major order book exchange (Algodex). The fragmentation of liquidity across exchanges results in higher prices for traders on any single exchange. Alammex offers trading solutions that have access to unified liquidity across all Algorand exchanges, resulting in better pricing for traders.
The founder of the company is Philip Gabardo (founder/CEO).

The solutions offered by Alammex

To combat the problem outlined above, Alammex has developed a DEX aggregator that can effectively leverage all liquidity available across all exchanges on Algorand for any asset swap. Alammex fetches quotes from all sources of liquidity, and uses a performant smart order routing algorithm to efficiently optimise trades. The company is also developing an arbitrage protocol to optimise pricing for trading pairs that have low liquidity by atomically routing through intermediate trading pairs with higher liquidity. Alammex aims to provide the best trading opportunities for assets on the Algorand blockchain.

If you would like to know more about Alammex visit their website at


Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)