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Meet one of our selected startups in the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021: Dartroom


Today, we present another company participating in the “Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021”. We are talking about Dartroom, a sustainable digital art platform, offering artists two non-fungible token formats: Smart NFTs and ASA (Algorand Standard Assets).

Algorand features for the NFT market

Recently, we have seen a great expansion of the NFT market. New startups that connect artists and the public are emerging in the space. Dartroom offers innovative ways that allow content creators to bring digital artwork directly to customers.

Algorand has unique characteristics for the development of these types of markets, offering low costs, high speed to carry out transactions and a top level security framework. The possibility of mining ASA tokens (Algorand Standard Assets) in a simple way allows projects to equip themselves with the necessary tools to grow in a constantly expanding ecosystem.

About Dartroom and its solution

Dartroom is a sustainable digital art market, one of the first carbon negative platforms of its kind, generating a true commitment to ecology. Its objective is to present exclusive and selected art through its platform, which facilitates bringing artwork to customers and also provides a great solution to content creators. The team is made up of the two founders: Stef De Groot (CTO / founder) and David Martin (CMO / founder).

Each transaction through Dartroom, whether it is mining, auctioning, bidding, buying or selling, costs very little compared to Ethereum, this lowers the entry barriers to the market for artists and collectors, allowing them to grow and develop their business. Stef, CEO of the company, is a self-taught blockchain web developer from the Netherlands. Dartroom is the first major project that he has worked on, through which he has gained extensive experience.

Characteristics of Dartroom

Dartroom offers different features for NFTs that offer a broad range of possibilities to artists with the goal of facilitating content generation and distribution. Users can choose between two types of formats: smart NFTs, or ASA (Algorand Standard Assets), providing added value and broadening the spectrum towards different audiences.

Dartroom’s smart NFTs allow users to generate royalties, offering the ability to distribute profits. ASA tokens are already available on the platform, which take advantage of the layer-1 characteristics of Algorand. The goal is to provide artists with the ability to interact in a sustainable and safe way. Another purpose is to allow artists who are not familiar with the operation of blockchains, to mine and sell their artwork in a simple way.

Thanks to the benefits of Algorand, guaranteeing transactions with a purpose and without the possibility of duplications, Dartroom is able to offer a scalable environment to generate transactions in a sustainable, fast, and secured way, with low rates. 

If you are an artist who wants to create NFTs and sell them on the Dartroom market, you can follow them on Twitter @_Dartroom or visit their website: for more information.

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