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Meet one of our selected startups in the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021: Vendible


It is time to explore another company participating in the “Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021” program. Meet Vendible, a solution for digital wallets using decentralized identifiers.

About Vendible Labs

Vendible creates DeFi wallet applications that enable Data Security and Asset Control for open blockchains and Web 3. This is crucial for open blockchains. The company aims to address the challenge of data mismanagement in legacy systems, which leads to information theft and customer mistrust.

This is how Vendible seeks to make a significant contribution in the security of blockchain networks. The founders of the company are Douglas Broughton (co-founder/CEO) and Gwin C. Scott (co-founder/COO) 

The solutions offered by Vendible Labs

To combat the challenges outlined above, Vendible Labs brings a solution for digital wallets through the application of “decentralized identifiers”, which allow the parties to carry out compliant transactions. Personal and financial data are only available between the originator and the recipient. Thus, Vendible helps consumers protect their most valuable assets privately and confidentially, while allowing businesses to operate smoothly, providing greater transparency and confidence for transactions.

Vendible is creating a set of tools for the new global economy, offering solutions to protect the assets, as well as the personal and financial data of users. With decades of experience designing sustainable systems, Vendible co-founders apply these principles to digital assets and identity, helping businesses and individuals navigate in today’s technological abyss.

If you would like to know more about Vendible Labs visit their website at

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Demo Day (February 25th, 2022)