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About Gunny

Gunny is an E-sport (competitive), Rank to Earn 3rd Person Shooter game, based on the Algorand blockchain, incorporating NFTs in a unique way. Absolutely all the items that exist in the game are NFTs: characters, skins, weapons, accessories, pets.

Gunny aims to attract players who want to be the best, since only the best can win tokens. Gunny’s main objective is to have excellent playability and competitiveness in different game modes such as capture the enemy crystal, free for all, team deathmatch, among others.

Through a matchmaking system, the game will be organized with players the same skill level. Players must strategically look for the type of weapon to use and its accessories, since these will modify the statistics of the selected weapon both positively and negatively, let’s not forget the pets that will help players in battles with strategic skills to win the game.

Competitive advantage

NFT games have several economy problems:

  • They had free trade tokens: where their liquidity was open to the market, making it constantly fluctuate and with high sales pressure from users. Gunny will have a stable token to reward users, thus avoiding an economy with instability due to external factors. You will also be rewarded with a utility token. This token will be important since users will need it to: improve their weapons, accessories and also to repair them, because the weapons will have wear and tear when used.
    The novelty about this token is that its trade will only be through a system designed by us which will be P2P. Users will be able to sell this utility token at whatever price they want without hurting the game economy.
  • Infinite earnings: users with a simple purchase could earn money permanently. In Gunny, users must repair their weapons if they want to play the competitive mode (monetizable) through the utility token.
  • NFT games were not fun: This is one of the most important aspects where most failed, creating games without a story, turn-based, where players could not measure their skills. In Gunny, players will test their skills in competitive online matches in real time with different people from all over the world.
  • There was no real value proposition: No items were offered that generated a value proposition. Gunny will have features that users will love: Battle Passes, Exclusive Skins (partnerships), clan system, tournaments. All these proposals will be available to the players and with their sales the players’ rewards will be financed.


We aim to be the first NFT game that captivates gamers from other competitive games, who are looking for fun, in order to attract more people to the blockchain world and show all the benefits that this technology can provide, beyond financial speculation.


The community in blockchain is very important, and the creators of NFT art are valuable in the ecosystem. For this reason, we developed a partnership system where artists selected by the community will create different skins and game elements that can be used in Gunny, and each sale will represent an income for the artist who has done that work.

Project co-founders:

Benitez Aquiles (CEO)
Yandun Wilson (CTO)


Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)