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About Musii

Musii was born with the mission to help independent artists, once the founders personally know the pain of this market and how centralized is the music industry. We are going to decentralize this market by becoming the record label of the new generation.

Algorithms and big players benefit just already established artists, thus emerging and independent artists face a huge difficulty to be found out.

Furthermore, they can’t generate revenue to produce and launch new songs, and even from the small profits they make a considerable part is normally shared with middlemen.

Musii take of the middlemen and provide a direct connection between artists and fans, who can help these artists to reach more audience.

The founding members, and team behind this project are: Arthur Baccam (CEO), Leonardo Garcez (CTO), George Guerra (UX/Designer), Lucas Limão (Back End Specialist), Conrado Takayama (Community Manager), Hid Miguel (Musician and Advisor), Amanda Andreone (Board Advisor).

Do you know when you see some artist playing and you love their music?

Now, imagine being able to become partner of them. On musii this is possible by buying NFTs that represents their royalties.

By doing so, you will be helping them to receive money in advance to reinvest in their careers, while you can make profits together.

“Talking to different artists over the last two years we realized how difficult it is for them to earn money only from their music. Most artists need a second job to pay the bills because, in addition to streaming platforms needing a large amount of plays to generate revenue, there are several intermediaries that still keep a large part of the earnings”.
George Guerra, Co-Founder


Musii provides to emerging artists the possibility to make a living with their music through the support of their fans and the web3.

Currently, Musii is a social media based uniquely in music (with already +20k users), where the users can:

  • discover and share songs
  • interact with people and find who has same musical taste as you and follow them
  • a button to save songs directly in your Spotify playlist
  • DM to chat with interesting people
  • trend topics tab to see what is hot in the community
  • find out the references and favorite artists of the musicians you like

With the Algorand Miami Accerator the startup will finish the development of the new features, as illustrated at the two last screens of the image above:

  • NFT marketplace for royalty sell
  • integration with blockchain wallets
  • payout system

Business Model and Projections

The business model is based on three main revenue streams:

  • NFT marketplace fee
  • royalties commission
  • advertisements

According with the projections, Musii expect to reach almost 300 thousand users and over 27 thousand artists until 2026.

“We believe in the power of a strong and purposeful community. We know how to bring this community together and we see that, with the help of technology and web 3.0, it is possible to make this market fairer and more democratic”.
Arthur Baccam, CEO and Co-Founder

How, you can be the owner of historical moments by following Musii on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn.

Visit their website for more information:


Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)