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Self custody USDC for the unbanked.

Migrant workers have relied heavily on cash so far. Stablecoins represent an opportunity for them to store value digitally for the very first time, however these types of assets remain disconnected from the real world.
Rayo builds technology to facilitate self custody of stablecoins and provides domestic and cross border bridges to the real economy to facilitate the purchase of products and services.

Rayo’s business model.

Rayo charges a fee when USDC is converted into other forms of value. Leveraging the user base, Rayo is developing a payment processing solution, collecting fees directly from the merchants.

Commitment to solving usability.

Rayo is a woman-led initiative that focuses on the mission to provide access to secure key management to a population excluded from the financial system .The CEO, Graciela, is a passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated her last 10 years to creating solutions for migrant workers.

Total Market Size.

In 2021 the amount of money transmitted from the US to Latinamerica countries was 101 billion dollars and 66% of this amount goes directly to “things for the home”.


Demo Day (October 27th, 2022)