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Meet one of our selected startups: NeoMoon


It’s time to introduce one of the great participant companies in the Algorand Miami Accelerator 2021. Meet NeoMoon.

Founders and team:

Founders and the team: @fedorsaldivia (CEO), @luismiguelbevilaqcua (CTO), @fernandoperozo (COO), @andreaferro (CMO), @antonioferron (Designer), @paolacammarota (PM / QA), @emilydossantos (PM), @alixonmu├▒oz (Software Developer / Front-end), @rubenbetancourt (Software Developer) and @andresfranco (Software Developer / Back-end).

NeoMoon is a 100% digital bank that aims to solve the problem of currency instability and rapid devaluation in LATAM, a situation that affects the financial status of many Latin Americans.

How does the company solve this problem? It offers a 100% digital bank based on stablecoin, which allows users to keep their money in US dollars, protecting it from devaluation and allowing users to make day to day payments. NeoMoon states “We are not going to tell you what to do. We are going to TEACH YOU so that you can make the best decisions with your money. With you to the moon.”

Regarding the current situation of NeoMoon, their solution is already in use as white label by dozens of banks in Venezuela, and more than 5 million people use the service on a monthly basis.

Fedor Saldivia, the CEO of the company, is a lawyer specializing in Computer Law. He holds an MBA and has 15 years of experience in the financial and investment sector with 10 years of fintech development for banks and financial institutions. When creating NeoMoon, Fedor knew he wanted to do things differently, and a part of that differentiation was to create trust in people.

If you are interested in receiving financial education about savings, fixed terms, awareness, interest rates and learning how to make financial decisions, you can follow him on Instagram. You will find tips and useful information on his account.


A big part of NeoMoon’s growth is due to the education piece. The company is committed to giving users the necessary tools to make the best decisions. NeoMoon is not only a 100% digital bank, but it is also a financial community that offers valuable information to users so they can tackle the effects of currency instability through financial education and technological innovation.

Would you like to contact NeoMoon or learn more about the program?


Demo Day (February 25th, 2022)